designed Uniquely

designed Uniquely

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 Take a look around the world, nowdays you can look to the world leaders via your device from the comfort of any destination. No more grey areas about what works and what does not!  In the clear light of day what sells .. content, clear goals and a web presence to back your product or service. 


Putting on your face and going out into the public eye, takes on a new meaning when dealing with an online presence. The ever changing world of technology is so exciting and we love it, but it's daunting to know which direction to take, which link to click and what document to upload. 

How social are you? Socially absent is a sure way to lose business. Does social media represent who you are? 


How's your screen presence? One size definitely does not fit all, your screen presence should adapt to fit your business. 

How attractive is your content? Does it captivate and command an audience, or is it dated and gathering nothing but dust bunnies? 

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 It's a matter of style and presence, attractive and enticing go so far with unique and easy helping to bring you an audience suited to your target market!

Fruit best picked

Ripe picking

Harvest your fruit when ripe, your clients are there for the picking but can you entice them in the door?

Emerging tech

Emerging technology

Emerging technologies and future trends do not have to be a costly exercise, choose wisely.

Visual possibility

Visually please

Visually does your presence represent your business, can you walk into your website and feel your business?

Welcome to the designUnique

We are a web development/content management specialist. Creating and evolving with the ever-changing online environment. We at designUnique offer simple content management, content writing and ecommerce systems for every business. Wrapped in a neat package using the leading Content Management Systems (CMS), designUnique offers business solutions that will complement your business. 

A strong online presence is everything today   ... how does your business present?